How do the Extreme Couponers on TV do it?

Q: How do the extreme couponers  on tv know what’s on sale and where?

A: The answer is simple… they utilize several websites on the internet that tells them exactly what is on sale, where it’s on sale at and even shows them where they can print the coupons or in what newspaper coupon source the coupons were in, ie. Redplum, Smartsource and Procter & Gamble inserts in newspapers.

I will teach you how to do what they do, where to find coupons, where to find the sales and coupon match ups for each store and how to plan your trip.

Keep in mind, general rule of thumb is products generally go on sale once every 3 months. So when you’re going on a stock up trip, buying 3 months of products should get you thru to the next sale cycle.

Remember, the trick is to coupon when the products are at the lowest price you’ve seen. That’s when you get the most free deals and almost nothing ones.

When printing coupons online, you can print 2 coupons per computer. So if you have 3 computers in your house like I do, you get 6 prints, and so on so forth.


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