Fresh Potatoes Lawsuit. Get money back if you bought potatoes.


If you bought fresh potatoes between October 14, 2004 and April 10, 2015 in one of the following states: AZ, CA, FL, IA, KS, MA, MI, MN, NV, NY, NC, TN, VT, WI, you are eligible to receive part of a $5.5 million settlement.

The settlement is a result of a class action lawsuit in regards to Potato Growers colluding to restrict the supply of potatoes, thus increasing the overall price for consumers. Please take note, as with any lawsuit, it can take a while to settle, so expect check to take up to a  year to get disbursed.


Follow directions below to submit your claim form online.

Click Here

Click Indirect Purchaser Home on the top left.

Click file a claim on the left and submit.

Claims must be filed by 10/16/15.

Click Here for FAQ’s


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