I get paid to shop – You can too!


If you’re not using cash back apps you’re missing out on money that you could be putting in your pocket when you shop!

The picture above depicts money I have in my Savingstar account, my rIcotta account, my Snap account and my Checkout51 account. Those aren’t all of the cash back apps you can get money back on either!

How do cash back apps work?

When you purchase an item that’s available in the cash back app, you check the item you’re redeeming, scan the barcodes to make sure they match the offers and upload your receipt. It’s that easy!
Then the money is deposited into your account and stays there until you meet the minimum cash out amount which most apps are $20.00 minimum cash out amount. When you’ve reached the threshold you can choose to cash out, or do like a lot people do, including myself and let it ride for a while to build up.

When you cash out some apps deposit it into your Paypal account, some send you a check and some even have gift cards you can get the money transferred to.

Can I use these cash back apps on to of coupons?

The answer is YES! That’s how most extreme couponers save so much money on their monthly grocery bills, they combine coupons with the cash back apps.

There’s 2 offers for the same product but on different apps, can I get money back on both?

The answer is YES! Just imagine, you have coupons and you have 2 identical offers for the same product. That’s triple savings!

You can also get paid to refer your friends! Each app is different in this aspect and not all have referral bonuses. 

What will you buy with your money??

Here is a list of all the apps I use. 







Berry Cart