BIG Changes coming to Snap!

Starting March 1st, 2016 we will be seeing some big changes with the Snap app from Groupon. 

They will be including Groupon’s digital offers and offers will become store specific. From what I’ve read, They will also be limiting offers to only 1 redemption per item, unlike now which is unlimited redemptions. 
These offers include retailers such as Macy’s, Best Buy, WalMart, and Target! For a preview of these deals, check out the Coupons section on
What does this mean for my existing Snap balance?
If you have a balance of $20 or more, you can request a check within the My Account section of the menu.

If you have less than $20 in balance, we will be giving you an equivalent amount in promotional Groupon Bucks rounded up the nearest $5 on March 3rd using the email address we have on file with Snap. You will be able to use your Snap email and password to access you new Groupon account starting on March 3rd.

Your Groupon Bucks will expire on Sept. 1, 2016, so spend them soon!

If you don’t have a balance on Snap (or have cashed out already), we will also be creating a new Groupon account for you in the event you don’t have one.
Log into your Snap app for more details about the changes.