Don’t BOIL your Easter Eggs… BAKE them!


Let’s face it… the hardest part about coloring Easter Eggs is cooking the eggs. How long do I boil them? How many will get wasted during the boiling process because they crack? Waiting for the water to boil, taking the eggs out of the water and putting them in EVEN MORE water to cool off. Such a time consuming process.

There’s a much easier way….


It’s simple and in my opinion, much faster and so much easier.

What you’ll need:

*Mini Muffin Pan (regular size muffin pan will suffice)



Place the eggs in each of the muffin slots in the mini muffin pan.



Place pan in oven heated to 325.





Bake at 325 for 30 minutes.


Remove from oven, let pan cool for a couple minutes. Place eggs in cold water (will stop the cooking process)

And Voila! You have just baked your hard boiled eggs! Quick, easy, hassle free!


Check out our Homemade Easter Egg Coloring recipe!




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