Extreme couponing it’s not like the show on TLC, “Extreme Couponing” where you always get like $1200 worth of groceries for only 10 bucks ALL THE TIME, it just doesn’t quite work that way. Can it happen? Well, why sure it can, but the chances are, it’s just not very likely. Those extreme Couponers on tv have an unlimited abundance of coupons, being able to get ahold of that many coupons for sale items is unreal.

That show is extremely staged, Most stores don’t even double coupon anymore. The stores bend the rules in order to get free publicity for their store, there’s not gonna be managers that greet you and cheer you on nor are there going to be cashiers that are so chipper and happy and courteous. Reality is, most cashiers despise Couponers, after all, we hold up their line and make them do a lot extra work. Is couponing worth it tho? You bet your sweet self it is!

In my many years experience with couponing, I have come to find out that most employees don’t even know what their store’s coupon policy is, so always make sure you do your research on each store you visit, read their coupon policy, memorize their coupon policy and print it off to take it in with you. There will be times you will have to straighten a cashier out who is having a bad attitude with you, there may even be times you’ll need to call the manager over to deal with the transaction, so be prepared.

Let’s face it, prices just keep going up and up, but unfortunately our pay checks don’t! Saving money now adays is almost imperative for us people that barely make ends meet.

I have had a lot of friends and friends of friends ask me, how do you coupon like you do? How do you save up to 90% with coupons like you always do Melanie? So I decided to create this page to educate anyone interested in couponing and show you the basics.

The key to successful couponing is knowing what coupons are out and what sales are going on that week and correlate the coupons with the sales. One must be extremely organized when it comes to couponing, so my first bit of advice to you is go buy yourself a binder and some divider pages, a labeler, or you can just write on the tabs for now, and some coupon insert pages.


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